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About MAS
The MAS companies (MASLabor and its two subsidiaries, MAS-H2A and MAS-H2B) are for-profit businesses whose purpose is to make the benefits of the H2 programs available to employers while minimizing potential liabilities. We are the number one for-profit service provider of H2 services in the U.S. We lead not only in volume - - the number and variety of industries we serve, the number of clients we represent, and the number of H2 workers we provide - - but also in expertise, service and ethics.

Leadership: Insight and experience into action
Elizabeth (Libby) Whitley Fulton’s professional life has been dedicated to taking on tough jobs on behalf of growers and other seasonal employers. Her 20 years in Washington D.C. included employment on staffs of the U.S. House of Representatives, the Senate and the White House. Later jobs included handling legislative work for the American Farm Bureau and running the National Council of Agricultural Employers. She moved to a small farm in central Virginia in 1995, and has run her own businesses providing labor services to seasonal employers since that date. As President of the MAS companies, Libby Whitley is continuously involved in legislative and regulatory matters affecting both the agricultural and non-agricultural seasonal labor programs as well as daily service to MAS-H2A and MAS-H2B clients.

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